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My Particular Routines, Habits and Hacks

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My Specific Routines, Habits and Hacks

All of us love a superb routine. Extra particularly, a morning and nighttime one to essentially set the tone of our day. I really really feel {that a} good nighttime routine is the important thing to setting you up for fulfillment within the morning.

Through the years my routines, rituals and hacks have modified. We’re allowed to evolve, proper? Anyway, after my current solo episode on wellness and my very particular routines, habits and hacks, I wished to interrupt all of it down for you right here too.

Earlier than we get into it let’s simply be clear that the ‘ideally suited’ day doesn’t occur daily. Being a mother means it’s important to be extraordinarily helpful and productive along with your time, and likewise flow. These are issues that I purpose for. Some days I hit all of them, some days I hit half, some days I hit none. C’est la vie.

My Particular Routines, Habits and Hacks:


+ Daylight

I open the blinds in my room as quickly as I get up to let some sunshine in.

+ Meditate

If my children are nonetheless asleep, I’ll do a meditation in mattress. Melissa Wood, Mimi Bouchard and Joe Dispenza are my favorites. Headphones are on and legs are up the wall.

+ Passive skincare

If I used to be up to the mark the night time earlier than, I put my Dr. Dennis Gross SpectraLite mask on my nightstand (loving the lip one proper now). If it’s there I’ll put it on.

Most the time my children do rise up similtaneously me. When that occurs we open blinds collectively, make the mattress collectively and attempt to make it a enjoyable factor.

+ Scrape my tongue

After I take my mouth tape off, I tongue scrape. This can be a non-negotiable. Earlier than I eat or drink something I scrape my tongue with this copper tongue scraper. Whenever you get up your tongue has residue and simply stuff throughout it. Tongue scraping is an historical ayurvedic follow everybody ought to do earlier than even having a single sip of water. After scraping I brush my tooth, then I’m good to go on consuming water (I drink a ton within the AM).

+ Spend time with the children

All of us go downstairs, placed on some music and Michael and I’ll make the children breakfast. Generally it’s oatmeal, toast, eggs, or French toast.

6 Pillars of Self-Acceptance

+ Circadian stroll

As quickly (and I imply the second) Townes is finished consuming I pop him within the stroller to go for a stroll. After studying lots about morning mild I saved seeing ‘circadian stroll’ pop up. It’s so good for his sleep and mine, I’m simply all about it proper now. There are such a lot of advantages while you do good issues on your circadian rythym so getting outdoors inside an hour of waking up is actually working for us proper now.

Circadian rhythm is outlined because the pure cycle of bodily, psychological, and conduct adjustments that the physique goes by way of in a 24-hour cycle. Circadian rhythms are largely affected by mild and darkness and are managed by a small space in the course of the mind. They’ll have an effect on sleep, physique temperature, hormones, urge for food, and different physique capabilities. Irregular circadian rhythms could also be linked to weight problems, diabetes, despair, bipolar dysfunction, seasonal affective dysfunction, and sleep problems akin to insomnia. Circadian rhythm is typically referred to as the “physique’s clock.” via

Scorching tip: Particularly in the event you’re a mother, placed on a strolling meditation (and your driving gloves, lol). The one referred to as ALIGN by Melissa Wooden is my favourite. Her voice is so calming.

+ Get necessities prepared for the day

After making Zaza’s lunch for college I’ll get all my exercise stuff prepared. I make 2 water concoctions with ice:

1: Kion aminos (love mango, use code SKINNY) and 3-5 grams of Creatine in a Stanley.

2: lemon juice, electrolytes (get the cranberry hydration and use code SKINNY), and Le Depuff drops in a glass tumbler.

One other non-negotiable is utilizing The Skinny Confidential ice roller. I HAVE to make use of ice on my face each single morning. So within the morning my skincare routine is the ice curler, generally over a sheet masks, throw my hair up with a big clip or Teletie and that’s that.

Now’s once I’ll make a giant cup of espresso with about 2 inches of uncooked milk. I like to attend 90 minutes earlier than having espresso, as a result of Dr. Huberman says it’s higher on your circadian rhythm. Plus, it simply feels proper for my physique to attend. The uncooked milk has been life altering too. It’s filling, scrumptious, and simply feels good that it hasn’t been destroyed through processing. It offers me the right steadiness of power to train. Generally I’ll add Alkamind packets that take the acidity out of the espresso.

My Specific Routines, Habits and Hacks

Then, Michael and I’ll take Zaza to highschool after which see our coach Brent. Figuring out has given me a lot power, modified my physique, given readability in all areas of my life, and is so vital to me that it’s my no 1. My day revolves round my exercise as a result of it makes each different space of my life higher.

In order that’s the morning. I attempt to hit all of the PILLARS of my morning routine: mild, motion, hydration. One factor that helps me get all this executed and have a profitable morning routine is that I don’t take a look at my telephone, until it’s to activate music, a podcast or a meditation.

If I’m fortunate I’ll have time to chilly plunge/sauna earlier than a exercise. Once more, Dr. Huberman says that it’s not so good on your muscle tissue to do scorching/chilly remedy after a exercise, so I love to do it earlier than.

My Specific Routines, Habits and Hacks  
Lauryn health hacks


+ eat

Once I get residence from the gymnasium I eat a giant bowl of meat. HA! However I do. Protein protein protein. It’s actually modified my physique and retains me full for a very long time. Generally it’s a bowl of beef, generally it’s 3 eggs, protein oats, protein pancakes. Severely, protein has helped me lose 50lbs. Generally if I’m busy it’s simply boiled eggs whereas I’m on the go. .

+ work

Work calls are scheduled later within the day. Waking up and getting straight on the telephone or laptop doesn’t work for me. I have to hit my non-negotiables earlier than I an get into work. I’m a zero to 60 sort of particular person so once I’m working, away from my children, I higher be the most efficient I might be and take advantage of occur. So I begin work slightly later within the day, however I am going REAL arduous.

Should you really feel good, you’re gonna work your ass off when it’s time work, since you really feel so nice. I’m a agency believer in that. So once I’m working I’m hyper targeted, it’s pedal to the medal. I’ve talked about batching earlier than however to recap: I file 3 or 4 podcasts in someday, have all my telephone calls on someday, have blocks for inventive time someday, you get it. This removes the time it takes to refocus, change your garments, collect supplies and so forth. It actually saves numerous time and helps majorly with focus.

Lauryn gym  
Lauryn gym habits


+ eat

Once more, I’ve a protein packed dinner. A favourite recently is a burger wrapped in lettuce stuffed with jalapeños and pink uncooked onion, some mayo and ketchup. Each single night time I’ll have 2 squares of Hu dark chocolate with almond butter. It’s crunchy, satisfying and delcious.

I’ll make my children one thing like hen, beef, rice, beans, and I put away my telephone for the day and we speak. It’s vital to me that our residence feels very heat, for Michael too. I discovered this from my mother and father rising up. It’s why I really feel so strongly about setting a tone and temper with music and candles and dim lighting.

After dinner we attempt to take the children out for an additional stroll and after we get residence we go upstairs to have a shower, learn tales, get Townes’ sleep sac on, activate the chime machine and pink lights. We now have no manmade lights on at night-only pink mild or pure mild. It’s been a game-changer for getting my children to sleep.

We’ll do a narrative, and recently Zaza is so into tales of Michael and I after we had been youthful which has been actually enjoyable. Then it’s time for them to sleep.

My Specific Routines, Habits and Hacks

+ Bathe and skincare

As soon as my children are down, I take a heat bathe. I take advantage of Agent Nateur body oil with Le Spoon and it simply actually detoxes you from the day and feels so good. I’ll do my skincare routine: cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize.

+ Learn

I put my telephone on airplane mode and maintain it outdoors our bed room on the bookshelf. Michael and I each get in mattress and browse on our Kindles. We just lately did a podcast episode on 5 behaviors that will change your life and if you wish to perceive how we make time to learn, go pay attention. I take advantage of the Oasis on darkish mode, all the time.

+ Issues I do in mattress

Whereas I’m studying I’ll use Cymbiotika magnesium spray (use code SKINNY). You simply spray it in your chest. It smells superb and actually helps you chill out. I’ll additionally do facial therapeutic massage with the PINK BALLS whereas I learn, I tape my mouth and we’re off to sleep.

8:45 pm is my ideally suited sleep time. Once more, it doesn’t all the time occur, however that’s the dream.

There you have got it. A few of this may occasionally appear overwhelming, however since shifting to Austin we’ve actually made wellness a precedence and our a house a sanctuary. So the important thing to getting all this executed for me, is to take the guesswork out of it. I don’t have choice fatigue becuase I do the EXACT identical factor daily (or at the least attempt to).

As an example, relating to meals, I’m a creature of behavior. I eat the identical factor daily, for each meal, for weeks. This manner I don’t have to consider something, I simply make it.

In terms of dietary supplements and wellness, it’s multi functional drawer. Together with tumblers, frothers, straws and so forth. Identical goes for my skincare and sweetness instruments. It’s all laid out so it simply works itself into my day.

In order that’s the lasted, up to date model of my morning and nighttime routine. What sorts of issues are non-negotiablee in your day? Let me know under.

x, Lauryn

+ for extra from Andrew Huberman, stalk his podcast episodes here and here.

++ take a look at tips on how to use rosemary oil for hair development.


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